Test your website speed

Page load speed has a very significant impact on websites and can be the key to success. The rate of page loading affects search engine optimization (SEO), the number of visits to the website or conversions, but also aspects such as longer visitor duration on site, better overall user experience, and engagement.

In short, improving the page's loading website speed has a direct impact on clicks or sales on the site. A slower website means worse SEO performance, which affects the limited number of visits, clicks and conversions. Currently, the most popular is browsing websites using mobile devices, for which download speed is critical, also because of poor internet connection. It is essential to skilfully use the free tools to test your website speed, check the current results and try to get optimal performance.

Where can test your website speed?

Below you’ll find 10 free tools to check the speed of the site. Each of them contains unique functions, reporting, and various results analysis solutions. How fast does your website load on a computer browser and a mobile browser? All tools offer useful information you need to optimize your site for quick loading. Such as: Time is taken to load the page

  • Page size
  • Number of requests made to load the page
  • PageSpeed Score
  • And more

Test website on Google PageSpeed Google PageSpeed Insights Google PageSpeed Insights offers diagnostic information directly from Google by analyzing a webpage’s content. This tool allows you to evaluate the page via:

  • landing page redirects,
  • compression,
  • server response time,
  • browser caching,
  • resources,
  • images,
  • CSS delivery,
  • visible content,
  • render-blocking JavaScript.

It generates a score from 0 to 100 that estimates its performance. The result above an 85 is a good result.
Test your website speed in Uptrends Uptrends Uptrends is a tool allowing you to check your site performance. It provides the following data:

  • Load time
  • Page size
  • Requests made to load the page
  • Improvement recommendation

It comes with an option to test on Desktop and Mobile.
GTMetrix website speed GTmetrix GTmetrix allows you to test your website speed and make it faster. It shows you how your site loads and provides a list of recommended actions to improve the results.
Pingdom website speed Pingdom Pingdom is a comprehensive tool for test your website speed. All you need to do is enter the website's URL and choose the closest location to test from. As a result, you get a performance grade, insights, response codes, content size by type/domain/type
KeyCdn test your website speed KeyCdn KeyCDN is a speed test tool which can get you detailed information about your website speed performance. The test allows to see how many HTTP requests were made, the full size of the page requested, and the load time. KeyCDN works great on mobile devices. When making the test, you can choose one of 14 different locations from around the world.
Online website speed test Varvy Pagespeed Optimization This solution was developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton. Tool provides a report divided into five different sections including a resource diagram, CSS delivery, javascript usage, page speed issues found, and services used. The report includes a graphical representation and documentation on how to further optimize your site.
Website speed test free Dotcom Monitor This tool offers 23 different locations to run a speed test. Reports are divided into five sections including a summary, performance, waterfall chart (breakdown), host, and errors.
Test your website speed SUCURI Load Time Tester The Sucuri Load Time Tester allows you to check the website from more than 15 locations. It will give you a global performance grade, rated from an A to F. The speed test measures how long it takes to connect to your website and for one page to fully load.
Monitis website speed Monitis Monitis is a free tool that allows test your website speed from multiple locations simultaneously. As a result, you get a complete analysis of the load time of all elements of the web page.
Test free website speed site24 Site 24×7 This tool helps you to analyze the web page and optimize website performance. Analyze full webpage including DNS time, Connection time, First-byte time, Start to render, Document complete and total page loading time. You can make a test from more than 60 locations globally.


We hope that with the help of these tools you will learn how much time it takes to load your site. If this process takes less than 3 seconds, it is an excellent result. Using the tools mentioned above will certainly help you optimize the website. It is also a good idea to regularly test your website speed. However, you must remember that the speed of loading it is just one of the factors that allow you to measure SEO performance. Did you test your website speed and you are unhappy with the results? We will help you fix it. We know perfectly well what should be done to make your website load much faster! Contact us :)

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