Increase sales in online store. Must read 8 helpful tips.

If you are running an online store, for sure you want to increase sales in online store as much as possible. Of course, you can think about changing the whole marketing strategy, but that does not have to be necessary, sometimes it's enough to change a few elements only.

And it does not have to be expensive! There are many ways you can make more sales online. The main thing is to maximize the number of visits turned into leads. We will show you various ways to increase sales in online store using website elements. You should know that you can change the way your customers interact with you. These eight tips will help you to increase sales in online store. Let’s get started!


trust increase sales in online store

1. Build trust with reviews, references and case studies.

Website elements as testimonials, employees images, and case studies about your products or services are aimed at convincing a website visitor to choose you. Using them is a good idea for boosting an online reputation. It's also a powerful and popular form of social proof. Nowadays in the web, customer feedback plays a significant role. Satisfied customers can provide you with one of the most valuable method - testimonials. Using their opinions gives your great possibilities because nothing can be more authentic and confirming how beautiful you are than real reviews. Testimonials may appear on your product pages, landing pages, pricing page, even on your homepage (used on various business sites). Evidence of trust is undoubtedly a great way to increase sales in online store, also because they build a positive image of your company in the minds of website visitors and can potentially overcome hesitations preemptively. What should testimonials contain? First of all, you should include pictures or similar information helping to identify the people who positively evaluate your product or service. Consider using images of the real people writing reviews or references. That is a kind of proof that testimonials are genuine and provides a possibility to connect with their authors. The same rules apply to case studies. If you have created any projects for clients, you can describe what has been done, what solutions have been implemented, and you can give examples that, if present in the network, will be a great confirmation of your work.
Create blog to increase sales

2. Launch a blog site, write guest posts on other blogs.

Almost every page has its blog section. It's a well-known method for getting traffic. Do you spend time creating valuable posts and are you sure that people are reading them? You should consider putting pressure on an excellent blog page because some fantastic benefits come with blogging. If you do not have such a section in your online store yet, do it as soon as possible. There is also an alternative in the form of running a separate blog page but related in some way to your store. The same applies to guest blogging - it helps you gain traffic, get in front of your audience, and cost-effectively boost your SEO ranking. Show off your value and blog readers will join the army of your website users. Another issue is so-called backlinks. They help to grow in SEO rankings and be higher in the rankings. If you want to get traffic and email subscribers from guest blogging, you have to do it right - the foundation is valuable and rich content.
Be active on Social Media

3. Be active in social media, build relations with your brand.

Business owners know that to generate sales, they need to see the market and find the best way to engage and establish a relationship with users. Social media make it possible, and with the right tools used, you can quickly make some profit. Social media allow business owners to learn what people think and say about the brand as well as their competitor's. It is easier to determine the need for a given target group by observing the behavior and reactions on various selected social media platforms. By using different social media platforms, you can boost your sales with a limited budget. All you need to do is to be active on social media channels and find ways to communicate with people. It's even more! Social media can make you a real category leader. Your presence there can also significantly affect the strength of the brand, and help it grow substantially in a short time. It all boils down to fundamental principles. What should you focus on (the order is not accidental)?

  • Know the right platform to use
  • Establish a strong presence
  • Connect and build relationships

Responsive websites increase sales in online store

4. Make sure your site is responsive and meets the latest requirements.

Almost every new customer needs a mobile version of his website. It is essential that all screen resolutions are compatible with your website. It does not matter if the site’s visitor uses BlackBerry, iPhone, the iPad, Samsung Galaxy, or a netbook - the site must display correctly on every modern device. Why? It’s because the responsive Web design suggests that design and layout should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on the screen size and used platform. In practice, it works on the principle of combining flexible grids and layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries. When a page user switches from one device to another, the web page should also automatically change resolution or image size. The site should, therefore, have technology that responds to specific user preferences and behaviors. Is your website ready for the digital presence in the modern world? Discover website standards and best practices 2018. Popup and banners increase your sales

5. Apply banners and sales pop-ups.

Popups purpose is to collect email subscribers, show off discount code, or information, and welcome new visitors. Their primary goal is to capture customers attention turn it to higher conversion rates. When new web users are visiting your store for the first time, you want to convert them into your email subscribers or social followers. Unfortunately, they can be also annoying and give the opposite effect or deter visitors. Despite the prevailing opinion that this is the case, poppers can still be a useful tool. A good pop-up should include:

  • An image with Call-to-Action button (for example - “submit”)
  • A smart headline
  • Bright colors
  • A discount offer or a giveaway.

What about banners? For sure you will need them to promote the products professionally in your online store. They can help your online store to be successful because they are an essential part of every modern store! Their task is to redirect customer's attention on chosen products, categories or any store section. The most popular way is to display your banners on the home page more than and static pages. Show beautiful banners and inform users about the latest products, deals or anything else, to be rewarded with an increase sales in online store
Easy purchase process

6. Make sure that the purchase process is easy.

If you have an online store, you should keep in mind that the sales process should be simplified to the maximum. Buying your products should be intuitive, quick and straightforward. Your customers should find it painless. Making it as easy as possible for your conversions and to increase sales in online store. It is why your checkout page is critical. It's the final stop for people shopping on your website. It's the place where they spend their cash. What elements make up the simple and successful purchase process?

  • one page cart
  • uncomplicated fields to fill
  • minimalism

One page cart is a faster and easier way to a successful payment process ( increase sales in online store ). It’s a simple mechanism because the single-page checkout is much quicker than a multi-page checkout. It is also about better step-by-step visibility. Shoppers exactly know what they must do and where they currently are in the process. Shopping cart abandonment happens often and too extensive and complicated payment processor hidden purchase price and shipping costs are the leading reported causes of shopping cart abandonment. It is worth introducing transparent rules, information about all fees at the outset so that users do not feel disappointed later and do not abandon the shopping cart.
Bundles increase your sales

7. Create bundles (items packs with a reduced price), create deals, and offer cross-selling.

One of the popular and modern strategies are bundles. You can offer two or more of your products together at an attractive price. It’s a perfect way to get the new customers and an attractive solution for both parties. Another popular method is the so-called cross-selling. When your products are compatible with each other, users do not know that or do not have enough time to check it. Therefore, you should consider informing them about compatible products. Combining products and offering various packages, interesting connections such as TV and BlueRay player (for example) is a great solution. Analyze your resources and identify products that can be combined with each other to improve your offer. It is also worth to suggest customers different kinds of special deals best in such a way that shoppers can not miss them. You can show off various discounts, at crucial moments of the year - for example Halloween, Christmas or Children's Day (or even without any occasion). It’s the right way to attract many visitors and increase sales results.

Good images,videos increase your sales

8. Invest in good quality images, preferably in the video form!

Statistics say that the opportunity to buy a product increases after watching a video about it. So it is the best way to attract attention to a product. But not everyone can afford it (lack of money and time). If you are one of those for whom creating a video for each product is an issue, it is worth building them only for the selected products (the most popular, the most expensive, the most frequently commented, etc.) When it comes to product images, it is undoubtedly worth investing money in good quality photos, because it will attract the attention of visitors. No matter what you sell, remember to add a lot of images of good quality. Customers must carefully review what they want to buy.

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