s usually disciplined in not SUN Certification making public the strong opinions that he shared with friends around his Palo Alto kitchen table. But this time he did not hold back. In SCNA it exam a conference SCNA call with reporters, he said that while Pixar was producing hits.Disney animation was making embarrassing duds. He scoffed at Eisner s notion that Disney made any creative contribution to the Pixar films The truth is there has been little creative collaboration with Disney for years. You can compare the creative quality of our films with the creative quality of Disney s last three films and judge each company s creative ability yourselves. In addition to building a better creative team, Jobs had pulled off the remarkable feat of building a brand that was now as big a draw for moviegoers as Disney s. We think the Pixar brand is now the most powerful and trusted brand in animation. When Jobs called to give him a heads up, Roy Disney replied, When the wicked witch is dead, we ll be together again. John Lasseter was aghast at the prospect of breaking up with Disney. I was worried about my children, what they would do with the characters we d created, he recalled. It wa

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310-302 Sun Certified Network Administrator for Solaris 10 OS SUN SCNA

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