of his meditation. It did not matter what she had thought or said. The fact of his having been there with her, the existence of that little perfumed letter tenderly locked up in the desk before him, the breathing, smiling, dark eyed pict.ure of her which glowed in his brain these were enough. Once before once only in his life the personality of a woman had seized command of his thoughts. Years ago, when he was still the schoolteacher at the Burfield, he had felt himself in love with Annie Fairchild, surely the sweetest flower that all the farm lands of Dearborn had ever produced. He had come very near revealing his heart doubtless the girl did know well SCMDBA enough of his devotion but she was in love with her cousin Seth, and Reuben had come to realize this, and so had never spoken, but had gone away to New York SCMDBA it exam instead. He could remember that for a time he was unhappy, and even so late as last autumn, after nearly four years had gone by, the mere SUN Certification thought that she commended her prot g e, Jessica Lawton, to his kindness, had thrilled him with something of the old feeling. But now she seemed all at once to have faded away into indistinct remoteness, like the figure of some little girl he had known in his boyhood and had never seen since. Curiously enough, the a

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310-810 Sun Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Part 1 SUN SCMDBA
310-811 Sun Certified MySQL 5.0 Database Administrator Part II SUN SCMDBA

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