ter, rather in consort, to preserve respect It is in vain for princes to take counsel concerning matters, if they take no counsel likewise concerning persons for all matters, are as dead images and me SCJD life of the execution of affairs resteth in the good choice of persons. Neither is it enough to consult concerning persons, secundurn genera, as in an idea, or mathematical description, what the kind and character of the person should be for the greatest errors are committed, and the most judgement is shown, in the choice of individuals. It was truly said optimi consiliarii maud books will speak plain, when counsellors blanch Therefore it is good to be conversant in them specially the books of such as themselves have been actors upon me stageThe counsels, at SUN Certification this day, in most places are but familiar meetings where matters are r. ather talked on, than debated. And they run too swift to the order or act of counsel. It SCJD it exam were better, that in causes of weight, the matter were propounded one day, and not spoken to, till the next day in nocte consilium. So was it done, in die commission of union between England and Scotland which was a grave and orderly assembly. I commend set days for petitions for both it gives the suitors more certainty for their attendance and it frees the meetings for matters of estate, that they may hoc agere. In choice

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