w are a biographical dictionary and a pronouncing gazetteer of the world, ready for instant reference in every case SCJA of dispute or doubt. At the breakfast table, in that home, the father runs his eye over the morning paper, and gives to his family the main SCJA it exam points of its news which he deems worthy of special note in the family circle. The children there are free to tell of what they have studied in school, or to ask about points that have been raised by their teachers or companions. And in such ways the children are trained to an intelligent interest in a variety SUN Certification and range of sub Pg 194 jects that would otherwise be quite beyond their ordinary observation. One father has been accustomed to treasure up the best things of his experience or studies for each day, with a view to bringing.them attractively to the attention of his children at the family table, at the day s close, or at the next day s beginning. Another has had the habit of selecting a special topic for conversation at the dinner

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310-019 Sun Certified Associate.Java Platform.Se. Exam Version 1.0 SUN SCJA

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