ink, said Professor Umbridge, with the merest suggestion of a laugh in her voice. Harry placed the point of the quill on the paper and wrote I must not tell lies. He let out a gasp of pain. The words had appeared on the parchment in what. appeared to be shining red ink. At the same time, ICMA Certifications it exam the words had appeared on the back of Harry s right hand, cut into his skin as though traced there by a scalpel yet even as he stared at the shining cut, ICMA Certifications the skin healed over again, leaving the place where it had been slightly redder than before but quite smooth. Harry look.ed round at Umbridge. She was watching him, her wide, toadlike mouth stretched in a smile. Yes Nothing, said Harry quietly. He looked back at the parchment, ICMA Certification placed the quill on it once more, wrote I must not tell lies, and felt the searing pain on the back of his hand for a second time once again, the words had been cut into his skin once again, they healed over seconds later. And on it went. Again and again Harry wrote the words on the parchment in what he soon came to realise was not ink, but his own blood. And. again and again, the words were cut into the back of his hand, healed, and reappeared the next time he s

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HR0-002 ICMA International Fixed Income and Derivatives Cert. 2009 ICMA ICMA Certifications

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