outed out his command, these ruffians raised their guns, and there sprang up from the bushes on either side of them as many more savages, with weapons lifting for a volley. How it was I know not, but they never fired that volley. Our muskets seemed to poise and discharge themselves of their own volition, and a score of the villains, white and red, tumbled before us. Gardenier s men had recovered their senses as well, and, pouring in a deadly fusillade, dashed furiously forward with clubbed IBM Certified System Programmer muskets upon the unmasked foe. These latter would now have retreated up the hill again, whence they could fire to advantage, but we at this leaped forth upon their flank, and they, with a futile shot or two, turned and fled in every direction, we all in wild pursuit. Ah, that chase Over rotten, moss grown logs, weaving be.tween gnarled tree trunks, slipping on treacherous twigs, the wet saplings whipping our faces, the boughs knocking against our guns, in savage heat we tore forward, loading and firing as we ran. The pursuit had a malignant pleasure in it IBM Certification we knew the men we were IBM Certified System Programmer it exam driving before us. Cries of recognition rose through the woods names of renegades were shouted out which had a sinister familiarity in all our e

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
C2090-549 IBM Certified System Programmer - IBM IMS IBM IBM Certified System Programmer

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